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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thou Shall Not Lie

When I was growing up I was often told by my parents, pastor, and pretty much any adult to not tell a lie. While I agree, that telling a lie can be harmful, I feel as though the concept of telling a lie was not fully explained. I was, of course, told not to lie to others, that my lies will always come back to haunt me, that the truth would indeed seek me out like a grim reaper seeking it's next soul, ready to punish me for my deeds. I do not, however, remember anyone telling me how harmful it was to lie to my own self. 

It would not be until I grew well into adulthood that I would learn, through self discovery, the dangers of lying to my self. 

The lie told to one's self is perhaps the most dangerous lie that one could ever conjure. 

I was reminded of this important concept while reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "The Brother's Karamazov." In the story during a meeting between the father of the Karamazov brothers and the Elder of the local monastery, the Elder tells the father that in order to find salvation one of the things the father needs to do is to stop lying. The father asks if the elder refers to a lie he just told about somebody else, to which the Elder responds, 

"The main thing is that you stop telling lies to yourself. The one who lies to himself and believes his own lies comes to a point where he can distinguish no truth either within himself or around him, and thus enters into a state of disrespect towards himself and others. Respecting no one, he loves no one, and to amuse and divert himself in the absence of love he gives himself up to his passions and to vulgar delights and becomes a complete animal in his vices, and all of it from perpetual lying to other people and himself. The one who lies to himself is often quick to take offence."

This is a powerful reminder of the dangers of lying to yourself. 

To lie to yourself is to look into the mirror at your own reflection and to not recognize that which is before you. 

For so long I could not recognize the person standing before the mirror. I had to remove lie from lie from lie away from myself, like the tearing of a bandaid from a wound. It hurts, but when those lies are removed and you see yourself for who you really are it is like the adjoining of two old friends who have long last been together. 

What are the lies you tell yourself?
Do you see yourself as who you truly are? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God in a Box

(This drawing was done by David Hayward. You can find more cartoons like this one at NakedPastor. Brilliant, simply brilliant.)

No matter how hard one tries, God can not be put in a box. And yes, that includes the most popular box...the Bible. It also includes the church and even the very name 'God'. As well, it includes Christianity, religion, song and hymn, prayer and servitude, love and hate. If God fits into the confines of any such box, that is not God. Yet we continue to try to fit that box around the infinite possibility, but as soon as we do, we eliminate the potential for possibility, for mystery...for so much more. 

God has no religion
- Mahatma Ghandi

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

C2Q: The True Meaning of Christmas?

Called to Question invites you to attend:

Called to Question
The True Meaning of Christmas: It May Not Be What You Think?

Is Christmas really what we think it is? 
Is it really about Santa, baby saviours, virgin births, presents and/or Christmas trees?

Join in for an evening of discussion about the "true meaning of Christmas".

Philip Ewert,
 Clinically diagnosed with having Awesome syndrome

7:00pm December 6th, 2014

The usual
(If you are unfamiliar with this event and would like to attend please contact us and we will give the location upon your request.)

Please let us know if you plan on attending, by emailing Thanks

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


"If we live in a world where certain things are not subject to question, we live in a world where thinking has stopped."
-Lawrence Krauss

Question everything, and when you believe you have questioned all that is questionable, question even that. 

To question is not to show a lack of faith, quite the opposite, it is a sure sign of faith. 

Answers are like week old leftovers. Questions are a fresh feast.

To understand answers as temporary is the viewpoint of someone who can look past the confines of logistics to the expanse of possibilities.

Not all answers are good, whereas all questions are never bad.  

See the question mark curve and sway, always endeavouring night and day. 
See the explanation mark stiff and straight, never doubting or hesitate. 

Do not be afraid to question, nor to doubt.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Spookiest Haunted House.....Ever!

Very, very Frightening!

Want to see a haunted house? Like to be afraid? Looking for a place to take your children for Halloween and give them a good spook? Well, look no further than a church nearest you. That's right. Enter a church and you too can experience a frightening, bone chilling, nail biting experience. What do they have to offer? 

1. The partaking in drinking the blood and eating the flesh of a man.
2. The presence of a ghost or spirit.
3. The continual torment of a man being crucified on a wooden cross. 
4. The decoration of tombs and torturous instruments i.e. nails, crosses, whips and spears.
5. The practice of the art of back stabbing your fellow attendees. 
6. The repeating chants of the same message over and over again.
7. The practice of cursing others to eternal torment. Fire, Fire and more Fire.
8. The promise of being raised from the grave. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!
9. The promise of demons.
10. The continual pressure for you to die. 
11. The promise of being possessed by a spirit. 
12. The need to wear a mask. 
13. The fear of light(i.e. reason.)
14.  The reciting of incantations. 
15. Tales of sacrificing children.
16. Punishments the doubters.
17. Communicating with the dead.
18. Self mutilation

The haunted Church guarantees, "One HELL of a time!" 

Can you think of more? 

*Please note that this post is all done in good spooky fun. While you may not agree that what I have written is fun and/or good, one has to admit that some of the practices within the Christian church, especially from an outsiders perspective, do seem to be rather odd and perhaps even grotesque. 

Happy Halloween Everyone
And Beware those Churches! ;)